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Love tacos? You will love our new location.

After nearly 6 years in our current location we have moved to our new home straight across the road to 42 Brownston Street and are opening our hatch tonight!

The new Food Truck area has been a work in progress for 3 years and we have watched it turn into a welcoming food destination in Wanaka, from the landscaping beside the stream to on-site bathrooms, it will be a whole new dining experience for our customers. We can't wait to begin this new chapter serving all of your mexican food favourites from this beautiful eating hub. Since establishing Burrito Craft in 2015, we have encouraged many other local food truck start ups and love that we now have multiple family run businesses as neighbours giving everyone more options.

Don't panic when you see that we've gone from our old location! Our new address is 42 Brownston Street and we are open 7 days a week...

See you all soon #chillimoustache



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