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Creating Burrito Craft – Why did we start the business

When did we start and our milestone

Eight years ago, we embarked on the adventure that would become Burrito Craft. Today, as we celebrate this milestone, we're excited to share the story of how and why it all began. One of our most common questions we get asked is ‘why’ did we start this business.

A love for burritos

It all started with a love for burritos. We had travelled the globe far and wide to trial many variations and came up with our own creation. We knew burritos had the power to make us happy and we wanted to share that experience.

The dream of living in Wanaka

Our dream was twofold. We wanted to make Wanaka, New Zealand, our home. But what truly made this dream possible was the support of our family, who also calls Wanaka home. Their encouragement and assistance were our pillars of strength. From watching over our sons to rolling up their sleeves to wash dishes in those early days of Burrito Craft, their presence was invaluable.

Spotting a gap in the market

We noticed a gap in the local takeaway food scene. While the town offered a range of culinary delights, there was room for something different. We envisioned a fast-casual dining experience that combined the convenience of takeaway.

With this vision in mind, we founded Burrito Craft, where locals and visitors could savour freshly crafted burritos made with love and attention to detail.

In Summary

Throughout the years, we've faced challenges and celebrated triumphs. We've seen the Wanaka community embrace Burrito Craft with open arms, and we've had the privilege of meeting and serving people from all walks of life. The COVID-19 pandemic tested our resilience, but with our family's support, we persevered.

As we look back on the past eight years, we're filled with gratitude. Burrito Craft has not only allowed us to share our love for burritos but also to become a part of Wanaka's fabric.

Join us in celebrating 8 years of flavour, love, and community at Burrito Craft.


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Absolutely love your dishes! I still remember my first taco! lol I used to hate spice but guess what your beef taco stole my heart! I’m so glad my fiancé introduced your food to me! you guys do amazing! Congrats on your 8th year!

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